Florida Landlord & Tenant Disputes

How Much Does an Eviction in Florida Cost?

Evictions in Florida can be costly; often times in the thousands of dollars when you factor in legal costs, missed rent and potential damages to your rental property. Widerman Malek Celebration Law Office has developed a FREE Florida Eviction Kit to help real estate investors legally evict bad tenants from their properties.

Eviction Flow Chart with Interactive Links

You get a THREE page interactive flow chart with clickable interactive links that will direct you to Florida eviction statutes. The flow chart will easily guide you through the eviction process…telling you what forms to use, when you need them.

18 Fill-In-The-Blank Eviction Forms

You get the following 18 Florida eviction forms that can open up in Microsoft Word:

  • Form 13 – Final Money Judgment (.Docx)
  • Form 1 – Seven (7) Day Notice (.Docx)
  • Form 10 – Motion for Default Judgment for Possession (.Docx)
  • Form 11 – Plaintiff’s Motion to Determine Amount of Delinquent Rent (.Docx)
  • Form 12 – Plaintiff’s Affidavit of Costs (.Docx)
  • Form 14 – Three (3) Day Notice fir Holdover Tenant (.Doc)
  • Form 15 – Complaint for Tenant Removal and Past-Due Rent for Holdover Tenant (.Docx)
  • Form 2 – Three (3) Day Notice (.Doc)
  • Form 3 – One (1) Court Complaint for Possession (.Docx)
  • Form 3a – Five (5) Day Summons for Eviction Only (.Docx)
  • Form 4 – Two (2) Count Complaint for Possession & Money Damages (.Docx)
  • Form 4a – Hybrid Summons for Eviction & Past-Due Rent (.Docx)
  • Form 5 – Motion for Clerks Default (.Docx)
  • Form 6 – Motion for Default Judgment of Eviction (.RTF)
  • Form 6a – Non-Military Affidavit (.Docx)
  • Form 7 – Order for Tenant Removal (.Docx)
  • Form 8 – Motion for Writ of Possession (.Doc)
  • Form 9 – Notice of Trial (.Docx)

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