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Widerman Malek Celebration Law Office provides Legal Representation and Legal Services in the area of U.S. Immigration & Nationality Law. Our Firm handles most types of Immigration Cases, with a focus on business visas, investor visas, and family-based immigration. Furthermore, our Firm represents clients located all over the world and in many different countries. Legal Representation is available regardless of the client’s location or country of residence.

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The Immigration Legal Services offered by Widerman Malek Celebration Law Office includes, but is not limited to, the list below. Our Firm provides comprehensive Legal Representation for every retained Client from the start of the case until a decision is issued on the case by the appropriate U.S. Government Agency. For every case, we perform the following Legal Services:

  • Review Client’s Immigration Goals and Immigration History;
  • Explain in detail the Legal Requirements & Filing Procedures
  • Provide Client with a Comprehensive List of Documents/Evidence needed to prepare and file the case.
  • Review all Documents/Evidence for the case;
  • Review Business Plan, if required for the case, and provide recommendations for immigration purposes only;
  • Prepare all Government and Legal Forms for the case.
  • Help Client Draft a Letter of Support for the case;
  • Prepare a Table of Contents for the Documents/Evidence;
  • Prepare a Cover Letter addressed to the U.S. Government Agency and include a Legal Analysis and/or Legal Arguments with cites to the case Evidence and Legal Authority;
  • Prepare and Mail a Comprehensive Case Package to Agency;
  • Respond to any case issues or Requests for Evidence (RFE’s) that arise and monitor Case Status until a Decision is issued by the U.S. Government Agency.


A-1-3: Diplomats, Gov’t Officials, Family & Servants H-1B Professional: Visa for Specialty Occupations M-1: Vocational Students
B-1: Business Visa: Visitor for Temporary Business H-2A: Temporary Agriculture Workers O-1: Extraordinary Ability in Sciences, Arts, Education Business or Athletics
B-2 Visitor Visa: Visitor for Temporary Pleasure H-2B: Temporary Skilled Workers P-1: Professional Athletes or Entertainment Groups
C: Transit through U.S. H-3: Trainee P-3: Cultural Artists & Entertainers
D: Crewman I: Foreign Media R-1: Religious Worker
E-1: Treaty Trader, Spouse & Children J-1: Exchange Visitor S: Informants
E-2 Investor Visa: Treaty Investor, Spouse & Children K-1 Fiance Visa: Fiance or Fiancee of U.S. Citizen TN: Trade NAFTA with Canada & Mexico
F-1: Foreign Students K-3 Spouse Visa: Spouse of U.S. Citizen WB/WT: Visa Waiver for Business or Pleasure
G: Foreign Government Representatives L-1A Transferee Visa: (Intracompany) Consular Visa Processing: Help & Representation


Green Card/Workers EB-2: EB-5 Investor Visa: Employment Creation
EB-1: EB-3: Labor Certification: (PERM)


Green Card/Family National Visa Center: Processing Assistance


Naturalization: Process to apply for U.S. Citizenship FOIA: Freedom of Information Act Requests Asylum / Refugee Status
Citizenship & Nationality: Claims & Filing Deportation / Removal Proceedings Immigration Seminars & Legal Clinics
Registered Nurses: Visa Options Criminal Records: Requests & Review Pro-Bono Immigration Services
Status Inquiries: For Overdue or Lost Cases Deferred Inspections
Appeals & Motions: For Denied Cases Administrative Hearings: Attorney Representation

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