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If your divorce or family law dispute ended in a court order that is now putting you through undue hardship, it might be time to consider petitioning for a modification. Our Osceola County family lawyers from Celebration Law, PA can assist you in creating a petition that works for you, your ex-spouse, and the court. There is no benefit in requesting a modification that will be shot down upfront but you also should not have to sacrifice your best interests. With our legal guidance, we can help you find an amicable course of action.


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Modifying Support Agreements

Most divorces will conclude with some amount of spousal support rewarded to the spouse that makes the least income. If the divorcing spouses shared children together, child support is essentially guaranteed to be included in the final orders. The court will try to only allow support agreements that can sustain both parties for as long as it lasts. Unforeseen consequences and life events can change how the support orders affect one or both of the spouses, turning something useful into something unmanageable.

If you want a spousal support order modified, you will need to show:

  • Unexpected job loss occurred
  • Illness or injury debilitated you
  • Ex-spouse remarried
  • Ex-spouse found gainful employment
  • Child’s needs increased

Our Celebration family law attorneys can help you whether you want more support or believe you should pay less support. Keep in mind that a court will only approve changes if there is ample reason for why it is necessary, not for why it is wanted.

Modifying Child Custody Agreements

Primary child custody will be granted to the parent that is more financially or emotionally stable. While this may be clear at the time of your divorce, it can change readily in the months or years to come. Parents must also have ample time to spend with their children to raise them.

If you cannot handle the responsibility of being the primary caretaker of your child, you may be able to ask the court to modify the child custody agreement to give more time to your ex-spouse. Contrarily, you may ask for more time spent with your children if there is ample reason to show that your ex-spouse can no longer handle parenting responsibilities.

Behavior or actions that may remove your ex-spouse’s custodial rights include:

  • Drug abuse
  • Criminal history
  • General neglect
  • Absent for days at a time

Do Not Be Afraid to Request Modifications

When you know that a modification to family court orders will make your life significantly easier, you should not hesitate to at least explore your options. Contact our Osceola County divorce attorneys to get a better idea of what you can do to modify the orders to your liking. We can help you create a valid and reasonable argument to present to the court or your ex-spouse, depending on the route you would like to follow. Call 407.378.4205 at your earliest convenience to begin.

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