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No matter how smoothly your divorce is going, you will eventually need to figure out who gets to keep what, and why. Asset division is commonly the main reason why family law disputes can flare up, pitting even the most amicable and easygoing ex-couples against one another. The idea of losing a piece of property you hold dear to someone you do not any longer is understandably upsetting.

To settle things with as little stress and delays as possible, you should team up with the professional Osceola County divorce lawyers from Celebration Law, PA. Our practice came to the area more than 10 years ago and our attorneys have nearly a century’s worth of combined experience to put to good use for your case.


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Florida Uses Equitable Distribution

The widely held belief about asset division following a divorce is that it will be split up 50-50; if you get $25,000 worth of property, so will your ex-spouse. In Florida and many other states, divorce courts are bound to a system known as equitable distribution. During asset division proceedings, marital assets are distributed fairly, which does not mean evenly.

While there are no necessary grounds for divorce, you could gain more property during asset division if your spouse:

  • Did not maintain fidelity during your marriage.
  • Harmed you or your child through domestic violence.
  • Hid assets through dishonest disclosure methods.
  • Recklessly spent your shared finances despite your open concern.

You can also gain access to some of your spouse’s separate property – or something they owned by themselves before your marriage began – if you contributed greatly to its value during the marriage. For example, if you helped run their business as an assistant manager and profits soared during your time there, you could potentially have some claim over it when you divorce; at the very least, you may gain greater amounts of real property in exchange for not gaining any control of the company.

We Can Take It from Here So You Can Relax

Deciding fair asset division can be difficult if you try to handle it on your own. The stress piles up quickly as you try to keep calm around your ex, who could likely be experiencing the same anxiety. In order to ease your nerves, approach the situation with a level head, and truly understand what would be best for the both of you, allow our Osceola County divorce attorneys step in and manage your case.

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