By Charles P. Castellon, Esq. (c) 2018 all rights reserved. The concept of asset protection is largely misunderstood.  There are many bad things that can happen to good people.  These events often lead to attempts to take away what we work hard to acquire.  An important and effective habit is to consider all the “what […]

By Charles P. Castellon, Esq., Widerman Malek Celebration Law Office (407) 566-0001 © 2017, All Rights Reserved Start by thinking about it Now that the holiday season is in full swing, we parents know that it’s pretty much all for our children.  We work so hard to make them happy and give them […]

By Charles P. Castellon, Esq. All rights reserved, 2017 ® A hot and dangerous legal topic for landlords is the issue of service animals.  This subject lies at the intersection of three federal statutes—the Fair Housing Act (“the Act”); Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (“Section 504”) and the Americans with Disabilities Act […]

Use Land Trusts to Protect Your Assets

    By Charles P. Castellon, Esq.  (c) 2017 All rights reserved. If you own real estate assets, you should know about asset protection strategies.  Real estate investors have long used land trusts in Florida to hold title to their properties.  There are many reasons to use land trusts, but this article will focus on […]

Why you should never want to see anyone in court. By Charles P. Castellon, Esq. All rights reserved, 2017 © It’s beyond debate that we’re a litigious society.  Ingrained in American culture is the declaration “I’ll see you in court.”  This article will provide an overview of what litigation is about, its costs and ways […]

By Charles P. Castellon, Esq. 2017 © All rights reserved. Recognizing the adage that “you make money when you buy,” all real estate investors look for bargains.  A popular place to buy low is the tax deed auction.  Many investors specialize in this area or include tax deeds among other acquisition strategies.  The main drawback, […]

Recently, the Obama administration and Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) made a policy announcement of great concern to the real estate investor community.  The government announced that under the federal Fair Housing Act (“the Act”), landlords cannot deny housing based on a prospective tenant’s criminal history. The historical legislation was passed in 1968 […]

What is Debt Validation?

In today’s world, there are many instances where a company attempting to collect a debt is not the same one that originated the debt. When a consumer is dealing with such a party, they have a right to dispute owing anything to this third party and to request the third party does in fact have […]

Settling Contract and Partnership Disputes

Business relationships may be comprised of utmost professionalism, but they are still relationships all the same. All parties involved need to be kept happy and do their part to treat the other fairly, or things can fall apart quickly. Contracts are also abound in an average business relationship, establishing early on how everyone needs to […]

Walt Disney World Accidents & You

Walt Disney World is the go-to vacation destination for people all along the eastern United States and beyond. It is not uncommon for a family all the way up in Maine to pack their bags and set out to what is arguably the world’s capital of family friendly fun during the summer or the holidays. […]

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